The origins

The mountainboard was born more than 20 years ago thanks to American snowboarders who wanted to continue riding even after the snow had melted.

Patrick Mc Connell and Jason Lee are the pioneers in the making of the first mountainboards. Although relatively heavy (sometimes more than 14kg), the first boards made it possible to make the first descents.

MBS Mountainboards was the first brand to mass produce and market mountainboards in California, USA. Soon after, land traction enthusiasts (flying a kite with a box in order to be pulled) used mountainboards to be pulled on beaches or in fields.


Our company 

Created in the 2000s by Christophe Simon, a french rider, Kheo is above all a brand that offers quality equipment known for the best value for money. 

In France, we were also among the pioneers with the brand Kheo and its founder to have developed different models for kiting and downhill (some models like the Kheo Epsilon will remain cult ...). The Kheo Mountainboards can be adapted to all sizes and all practices. 


Today, the material is more and more performing and technical. We talk about flex for the decks, generally in wood or composite. The construction technologies used are similar to those for snowboards and different types of trucks exist. Thus, each part (tires, rims, bearings, bushings) is adaptable to the rider's needs!